The Way We See It

We believe in positive reinforcement and building your dog up.  Make them want to make right
choices and make it fun. Plain and simple. They want to please you, so let's help them do it in a
manner that truly does please your heart.

Naughty Dog Training believes that, with our dogs, we must learn together and grow
together.  Because life is so much better together then it is apart.  
It Really is simple if you think about it

Communication and consistency.  What do they mean to your dog?  Everything.   Learning
how to communicate with your dog in a manner that
they understand will open doors to a happy
and healthy relationship.  Discover how your dog is trying to communicate with you
. What are
they trying to tell you.

Ask your dog to do something like 'leave it' or to 'stay'.  Do you get the response you want
every time?  That's where consistency comes in.  In the same way we would like to see our
dogs 'leave it' every time we ask, our dogs need us to be consistent in our training, in what we
ask and in what require of them.  They need to be able to look at us and know what our
commands mean.  Too often we confuse our dog and then we wonder why they 'just don't get
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Naughty Dog Training
Life With A Dog

It truly can be one of life's greatest gifts

We have all had those days...  Where you stop and look at your life and all is at peace.  Then
out of nowhere, the dog comes crashing in, knocks something over, runs outside, and starts
barking wildly at something.  They are our reality checks and we love them for it.

As a dog owner, we try and provide them with everything they need.  Love, attention, toys,
treats, food, veterinary care, and training.  In return, they love us unconditionally and will
forever be a constant companion.  They quietly find their way into those lonely, secret places
that we wont let other people in to, despite their best efforts.  They curl up and comfort us,
asking nothing in return.
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