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Training Tips
Naughty Dog Training
Here are some thing to remember while
training your dog:
1. Calm voices: No matter how frustrated you get with training
always be your dogs confident, quiet leader and they will listen so
much more.

2. Patience, patience, patience: We understand what we are
asking our dogs to do. They don't. Have patience if they don't
get it right the first time you ask or if they are distracted. They'll
get it, don't worry.

3. Consistency: Make sure you use the same cue every time and
make sure the rules are just that, rules. If the dog is not allowed
on you bed then the dog is not allowed on the bed. Not just
sometimes, but always. Give them their own bed.

4. Positive reinforcement: Tons of praise. Try to not make a big
deal about their mistakes. When they do what we ask them to do,
BIG REWARDS!  Concentrate on the good and let them
know how happy this makes you.

5. Oops, do it again: When our dogs are learning and goof up,
don't scold them. Try the mind set of "Oops, do it again, oops,
do it again, oops, do it again... Good dog!"

6. Don't over train: Training should be fun. We have a tendency
to spend too much time training our dogs. After a while , it is no
longer fun for the dog. It becomes stressful to the dog. Keep
training on your own to about 15 minutes, 3-4 times a day. This
way your dog stays interested and it keeps it fun and exciting.

7.  Always end your training sessions on a good note. Even if
your dog has a 'not-so-great' session, end it on a positive note.
Ask your dog to do something simple like 'sit'. They have
succeeded. End each session with a game of fetch or something
fun. This way their last memory of the training was a great one.
~Wags and Wiggles~