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Naughty Dog Training
"Naughty Dog Training saved our "naughty dog" from being known as the neighborhood bully!
Our one year old pit, Kila, and her two dummy owners (yes I was one of them) learned some
bad behaviors about the do's and don'ts of puppy training... But then, Jessica came to the
rescue!!  Our pit mix used to be out of control aggressive to other dogs, inconsistent with
commands, and extremely out of shape!!!  Jessica is in the process of training us how to be
better parents, owners, and positive leaders for our furry kid.  It's UNBELIEVABLE how quickly
she has helped us to turn our entire life around.  Our beautiful baby girl, Kila, is finally being
given the proper and CONSISTENT leadership that she deserves, and we couldn't have done
it without Jessica's help!  Jessica is extremely passionate, dedicated, punctual, and proud of
her work.  She goes above and beyond, and she's never unrealistic about any situation.  She
gives you the tools that are necessary for you and your family to prosper.  We are VERY
thankful for her guidance and support, and we will forever be grateful for her!

If you have a naughty dog that you think is too old or too bad to be corrected, please give
your furry friend this chance to change!  You and your pet deserve this better life, and you will
truly be amazed at the difference this trainer can make in such a short time! This is the best
thing you can do for your naughty furry kid and yourself! Jessica can work wonders with
everything from simple commands, to severe dog aggression. She's the best! Just remember,
you have to put in a lot of work and be consistent everyday, but the payoff is amazing.

Thank you, Jessica!"

~Nicole M. and Kila Marie
"Thanks for all you do!  Your training is great!"

~Karen & Mark and Carson too!
"Thank you Jessica! If it were not for you, Molly would have been returned to the rescue
where we got her from. She is now adjusting so well and listening too! I will recommend you to
ANYBODY I know who has a "Naughty Dog"! We couldn't have done it without you and are so
grateful we found you. You and your training were amazing. Thank you again!"

~Janet and Molly
"I can't express how appreciated all your help has been. You, not only went to the shelter to
help me find her, you have worked your magic and have given me the tools to make her a
secure dog who now knows she doesn't need to be afraid of men and the world! She is a
fantastic dog and your the greatest. Thanks. See you next week!"

~Hannah and Bitsey
I adopted a 3 month old puppy a week ago that was having some separation anxiety issues
where he would always bark in his crate.  I had read online to just ignore him, but that didn't
solve the problem.  I even contemplated giving him up. I was hesitant to hire a dog trainer
since I thought I learned everything I needed to know online, but I called Jessica as a last
resort.  She came out for a free initial consultation and gave us some WONDERFUL tips.  
Here I am 8 hours later with a quiet dog in a crate. I can't recommend her enough!

-Vinh and Kimchi