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Naughty Dog Training
Private Training ~ This is in-home training.  You and your K9 work hand-in-hand with
the trainer, getting that specialized attention you dog needs.  From puppy training to aggression
and everything in between. I bring the training to you.  Sometimes the best way to address the
issues is to start  where the issues are taking place.   $75/session
Private Group Training ~ This is always fun!  It's a small group (2-4) of your
friends, family or neighbors!  The groups stay small and you already know everyone there.
Taking lessons together is also a great way to introduce and socialize your companion with the
people in your life's and their dogs.     $50 per dog/session
Group Training ~ This is class room training. We meet once a week in a group
setting.  Groups range between 5 and 8 people.
Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Prep ~  Learn the 10 steps to be CGC
test ready.  You will need mastered basic commands for this class.  Evaluations
not available through Naughty Dog Training.   Call for details and pricing.
Loose Leash Walking ~ Have you ever been dragged down the road because
you dog pulls incisively or something caught your dogs eye... Not fun!  We make
walking with your dog fun again with our Loose Leash Walking class.  All ages
welcome.  Call for details and pricing.
A Day in the Park ~ Let's get your K9 dog park ready!  No more crazy dog
when we go for rides, teach your dog how to ride quietly in the car.  Learn what is
appropriate play and inappropriate behavior for the park.  Be able to read yours
and other dogs body language to prevent any issues.  Know what to do if things
go awry.   All ages welcome.  Call for details and pricing.
If you are looking for any of the other classes, contact us and we can set it up and let you
know dates and times. Feel free to contact us with any questions as well. All training
requires an assessment prior to the first training session. Please no aggressive dog in group
training. Aggression should be managed in home with private training.
Thank you and have a PAWSitively wonderful day!
We are now offering:
Dog Daycare!
We have openings for daycare.
We come and pick up and drop off your dog for a full day of fun on
our over 12 acre dog "dreamland" farm. We have a few spots open on
Wednesdays and Thursdays. Dogs over 6 month must be
spayed/neutered. Rain or shine!
Will include a good rub down when the weather is nasty. $45/dog
Other Services Include...
K9 Camp (Board and Train) ~ This is an opportunity to come live with the
trainer. K9 camp can vary from a 10 day split up for single, non-aggressive issues all the way up to
a few months for severe issues and/or reshaping a dog s behavior. Prices vary depending on your
dogs needs. Please call and we can discuss if this is the right option for you and rates.
Doggie Vacation (Boarding) ~ We now offer boarding on our beautiful
property. Spots are limited and we like our groups small! Go on your trip knowing your dog is
having the time of their life in a safe and comfortable place! Pick up and drop included within 20
miles.   $50 a night for 1 dog.
(Food extra)  Discounts for multi dog homes! Book early, space
fills up fast!